His name was Carlos…..

When I saw his text asking if he could come over, I responded without hesitation. Yes, come at once. We undressed quickly without speaking. Pleasantries are a luxury for cooler weather and not when the thermometer is only one many throbbing instruments. He asked me in his charming broken English if he could fuck me. His skin was warm and fragrant like sugar just when it caramelizes. The initial thrust was jolting – tequila without a chaser. His subsequent ones were hurried and desperate. I imagined him coming into his sexual prowess by encounters in deserted alleys and in the backs of Mustangs. After we finished, he left without a goodbye or a thank you. I looked down at the messy sheets and at my disheveled reflection in the mirror. Is this what it feels like to be a slut? If so, it felt good. It felt real good.

After anal sex, I like to enjoy a refreshing pudding eclair. Prepare one box of French vanilla pudding following the instructions. Fold in Cool Whip. Make sure the CW is not frozen to ensure it incorporates easily into the pudding. In a larger bowl, pour one layer of the pudding mixture, top with one level of graham crackers, and repeat until there is no more mixture. Once the pudding has chilled for at least three hours in the refrigerator, top with chocolate icing and enjoy.

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