Tricks and Truffles

In the lingo of online hookeupery, I can host. Translation – I like my men delivered to me. This has three advantages: 1. No driving which I detest having to do. 2. Cleanliness. I am old school Mommie Dearest when it comes to keeping my place spotless especially if a frolic is scheduled to unfold in my bachelor pad. 3. The rush of adrenaline and energy that comes from waiting for that lovely text that says ‘here’ or my personal favorite ‘I’m walking up’. I do not recommend spending this energy on anything sexual in nature. One does not want to overheat the engine before getting on the highway. Instead of watching porn which seems to be the de rigueur way to pass the trick waiting time, I like to read the Williams Sonoma catalog. I think of it as food porn – all of those glistening pots and pans shimmering with anticipation of deliciousness to come. I find the recipes highly stimulating as well. I still have fond memories of the pot roast recipe in the fall catalog of 2010. Those cumin scented carrots dwell in my memory like an old friend. I can get lost in the flavor combinations of new recipes and thrill at the discovery of smoked paprika or Tahitian vanilla. For those exceptional gentleman who leave it all the court, I like to leave them with a small token of appreciation in addition to the customary post-coital refreshing beverage of course. After hot sex, nothing is better than a chocolate truffle. And none better than the ones to be found at Cellar Door Chocolates. Like most of my sexual partners, their bourbon ball truffle is also made with 55% dark chocolate.  One of these divine confections handed to a trick as he leaves will ensure that you too dwell in his memory.

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