Puerto Rico…..with a side of beef

Puerto Rico is officially a Commonwealth – a unincorproated territory of the United States. The residents of Puerto Rico became US citizens in 1917 but cannot vote in Presidential elections – one impact of the territorial status. Puerto Rico deserves full statehood – this was my takeaway from O, a hairy slab of pure Puerto Rican beef I fucked in his tidy yet small house. I felt it my duty to offer him succor as he was far from his native land and people. And after all, anal sex makes one feel at home in any corner of the world. He rode me beneath the Puerto Rican flag he proudly displayed over his bed. His chest and legs were covered with dark fur; his uncut bicho (he also taught me the Puerto Rican slang word for the male member) tickled my stomach as he went up and down like a souffle baking at an unstable temperature. Viva Puerto Rico!

After sex with men from US territories, I like to honor the occasion with a tequila slammer. The fizz of the cold Sprite and the heat of the tequila make a refreshing combination. Let’s hope one day soon we can all join O in a toast to our 51st state – Puerto Rico.

Don’t skimp on cheap tequila – go for top shelf. I recommend Patron with a side of beefy uncut Puerto Rican.



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