You make my junk jump – the musical

When I am not entertaining gentlemen, cooking, drinking, watching classic films or reading scintillating works of literature, I like to try my hand at writing rap lyrics. Here we go:

You Make My Junk Jump

Did six shots and I’m standing tall

Damn I look good leaning up against this wall

See you on the dance floor wearing next to nothing

Makes me want to eat you like a blueberry muffin

Do another shot and it takes me to seven

It’s about time I take you to heaven

Like Captain Kirk said – beam me up Scotty

Let’s get on the Enterprise and start being naughty

You make my junk jump

You make my fist pump

You make my rump hump

Wrap it up and slide it in

Blueberry muffins or as they are known in rap circles – blueberrrrrry muffins and vodka shots are the perfect combination to put one in the mood for rap lyric writing. I prefer Grey Goose pear and muffin mix from King Arthur. The fruity combo is just right for getting those creative juices flowing. Keep yo muffins moist.




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