About Me

Today is EatingAndForking.com’s one month anniversary. To all you wonderful people out there in the dark (you now number over 1000!) who have discovered us, been mildly shocked, and have come back for more, I give you a heartfelt thank you. Let me also commemorate the occasion by telling you a little bit about the writer of this cheeky little blog. I reside in a stately midwest city in a two bedroom condo with a somewhat indifferent yet endearingly loyal dog. I am a horny intellectual devoted to men, booze, food, the University of Louisville Cardinals, classic movies and frivolity. I am a history buff, diligent reader of the New York Times, and fancy myself an amateur chef.  I am at home in any farmer’s market or happy hour, My interests, like my men and my legs, are spread far and wide. While some blogs outline a vision with a laser-like focus,  I traffic in no such nonsense. As I do in my kitchen, bedroom, and in hotels across America, I make things up as I go along be it martinis, meatloaf recipes, or threesomes. Here at EatingAndForking, our goal is to entertain, scandalize, and hopefully bring a moment of levity to your day so please continue reading and remember, never go to bed hungry.

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