Rufus Wainwright and Maker’s Mark

I have loved many men – some for days, hours, or orgasms. My affinity for each is undiminished by the duration of our time spent together. There is, however, one man with whom my, alas, unrequited love has burned for years – Rufus Wainwright. Last night, I was once again in the warm embrace of his presence as he came to my city to perform a concert in support of his most recent album ‘Out of the Game’. The outdoor amphitheatre was lit with candles. All was quiet – and then I heard that voice – that intoxicating voice that sounds like it was given birth to by Jack Daniels and the Metropolitan opera. It filled the night sky. I have seen Rufus in concert numerous times and each and every time I fall deeply and madly in love with him. Last night was no exception. For the unfamiliar, Rufus is a unabashadly gay, witty, erotic, sensual, intellectual singer songwriter. He exudes all of the qualities I hope to possess and do justice to. I first experienced Rufus in 1998 and when I heard him sing ‘I don’t want to smell you and lose my senses’ on the first track of his first album, I lost my heart. My life has not been the same since. I have absorbed his music into me. If I am ever cloned in the future, they will find his DNA imprinted into me. Rufus’ influence on me cannot be measured – he has brought me friendships with fellow devotees, introduced me to Grey Gardens, and even more fittingly, led me to my encounter with S, a fellow fan. I volunteered to assist S with hanging up new curtains. We drank Maker’s Mark on the rocks and discussed the challenges of finding stylish decor. ‘Have you seen Target’s curtain collection lately?’, he asked. ‘Hideous’, I replied. By the time he put on Poses, Rufus’ second album, I had taken off my modesty. He led me to the bedroom, bourbon in tow, as Rufus serenaded us ‘you who were born with the sun above your shoulder, you turn me on, you turn me on, you ought to know…..’

The only possible accompaniment that can enhance Rufus aside from muscular furry stylish men with good taste in music is simple – bourbon and ice.


  1. I love bourbon too……….But never heard of Rufus Wai
    nwright at all!

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