Greta Garbo, Mata Hari, and hung Mexicans

On this date in 1876, World War I superspy Mata Hari was born. Her life and times were chronicled in a deliciously campy movie starring Greta Garbo in 1932. Garbo’s co-star, Ramon Novarro,  embodied two of my favorite attributes – gay and Mexican. Novarro was Hollywood’s first superstar who came from south of the border. I admire this greatly because I like going south of the border on Mexican men myself. The film is an escapist romp only old Hollywood could pull off. Novarro was the classic leading man – elegant, dashing, athletic, and hung. He made love to Garbo and she paid the ultimate price for their passion. They truly don’t make them like this anymore! 

Speaking of deliciouosness from Mexico, guacamole needs to be liberated from its fate as a partner to salsa and take its rightful place amongst the best canapes. For the perfect snack while watching a classic movie or the perfect accompaniment when lickinging an uncut Mexican dick, nothing goes better than guacamole. I use a simple recipe.

One avocado, peeled and sliced up. Everything else is really to taste. I add diced white onion, a large bunch of fresh cilantro, juice of one lime, sea salt, a dash of cayenne, and chopped cherry tomatoes. Mash together and spread on whatever you have handy. Happy spreading.

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