Ingrid Bergman, South America men, and eating it with your fingers

Stretching seconds to minutes: one long kiss b...

Stretching seconds to minutes: one long kiss broken into a string of short ones beat the ban on kisses over three seconds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’ll always have Paris and thanks to movie magic,  we’ll always have Ingrid Bergman born on this date in 1915. Watching her onscreen makes me feel like I’ve had three glasses of champagne even though I am sober. She – and her movies – from the immortal Casablanca to the Hitchcock thriller Notorious are intoxicating. In Notorious, she is recruited by Cary Grant to spy on Nazis in Argentina. She falls in love with Grant’s character and memorably tells him that she has prepard him dinner ‘and he’s going to eat it with his fingers.’ They have the best sex of their lives but he needs her to sleep with another man to gain his evil secrets. Champagne plays a major role in the film’s most suspenseful sequence and I can think of no better way to celebrate Ingrid’s birthday than with a bottle of champagne and Notorious. To add both atmosphere and authenticity, I recommend watching it with a South American so you to can have something to eat with your fingers.

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