Gridiron action, scoring a touchdown and ham and cheese sandwiches

Football season starts this weekend – finally! The long wait between the end of March Madness and the start of gridiron action is over. I will have more to watch than XTube on my iPad and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine on Netflix. The sight of those muscular, sweaty bodies amped up on testosterone bashing into each other, their asses as firm as unripe avocados and biceps the size of a Christmas ham sends me into quite a frenzy. Football stirs something base and visceral in me – my gay cavemen ancestors must have beat each other up before making all those charming cave paintings. T was a former college football player. He had broad shoulders, smooth tan skin, shaggy blonde hair, and a fat dick coddled in nest of blonde pubic hair. He attended a small private college and not a Division I powerhouse but his gridiron tasted no less sweet. We both scored that afternoon as we took turns fucking each other  – and that’s good for another first down!

Like anal sex, tailgating is a long-standing football tradition. I like to kick my appetizers up a notch and make my version of ham and cheese sandwiches for adults. Purchase party bread (the mini-loaf of bread usually found in the deli section of the grocery) and layer in slices of prosciutto, thin slices of smoked gouda, a slice of green apple, and a dollop of spicy mustard. Your guests will appreciate the break from chicken wings.

And one final note – go CARDS!

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