When tricks move to Florida……

English: Dark chocolate. Español: Chocolate negro.

English: Dark chocolate. Español: Chocolate negro. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Florida brings to mind two things – the Golden Girls and K, my fuck buddy who moved to the sunshine state. K was a dark chocolate, furry pubes, well hung grad student who studied anthropology. He was also my favorite type of man – intellectually curious and easily undressed. I suggested he and I conduct a field study on the mating rituals of contemporary gay men; we succeeded in unearthing many a pleasant evening. I still cannot walk by a shovel without thinking of K. His pubes were warm and pungent – a cross between a locker room and linens fresh out of the dryer. I licked him like a caramel apple – with nuts. He had one of those beautiful dicks that simply unfurled before your eyes. Each time I removed his boxers I felt like Caesar must have felt when Cleopatra rolled out of the rolled up carpet the first time they met. If Rembrandt had painted nude black men instead of clothed Dutch aristocrats, even he would not have done justice to K’s piece.  It was caramel; it was salt; it was earthy; it was oxygen.

After sucking on a big black cock, I find a sea salt caramel the perfect post-coital snack. It unites all the flavor’s of K and is sticky. Thank you for being a friend…..

The best sea salt caramnels are to be found at www.cellardoorchocolates.com. Enjoy!

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