Mr Cadbury, hot chocolate and hot chocolate

Photo by User:daveblack from 2004 national cha...

Photo by User:daveblack from 2004 national championship celebration, January 2005. Reggie is pictured here with his PAC-10 offensive player-of-the-year trophy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

George Cadbury was born on this date in Birmingham England in 1839. Mr. Cadbury invented what we affectionately call hot chocolate. Thanks to his valiant contribution to culinary history, we can have a warming beverage to spike when we watch football games, cruise outdoor areas for sex in cold months, or simply want to walk our dogs in winter and have a buzz at the same time. I recommend Woodford Reserve bourbon to accompany hot chocolate – the caramel notes on the bourbon add to the sweetness of hot chocolate while its gentle bite reminds one of being nibbled on – all in all a most excellent combination. My other favorite hot chocolate is NFL star Reggie Bush. I recommend Reggie to accompany me to bed. Happy spiking!

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