About Me

Some blogs begin with a manifesto – a clarion call outlining their visions and goals with a laser-like focus. Eating and Forking  – the sex lives on hungry people – traffics is no such nonsense. This blog, my blog, is devoted to eating, drinking, and being merry – especially in the presence of handsome gentlemen. In my life, like my kitchen, bedroom and major hotels across America, I improvise, enlighten, and hopefully scandalize. As for me, I am a horny intellectual with a weakness for booze, boys, food, history, and old movies. I reside in a stately city in the midwest in a stylish two bedroom condo with my indifferent yet endearingly loyal dog.  I will share my passions both in and out of the bedroom and I hope these little tales of decadence and, on occasion, debauchery bring a small amount of humor to your day.  We will explore topics near and far from haiku to world wars to blowjob, threesomes, bourbons, and recipes for all manner of tastiness. So sit back, log on, and eat and fork. And remember, never go to bed hungry.

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