Monday Phrase of the Week


Threx – When one has achieved a thriving sex life, one is threx. Enough self-help books have been written to fill an endless number of libraries but nirvana is close at hand – simply attain threx followed by three shots of your favorite top shelf. Who’s got problems now bitch?

Happy Friday Haiku

Superman boxers

No telephone booth needed

Unleash man of steel

Monday Phrase of the Week


J’approachable – When someone is juicy and approachable, they are j’approachable. To the attractive somelier at my last wine tasting, you may have been math challenged but your pour was generous and your smile seductive. You were j’approachable. Top me off anyone?

Happy Friday Haiku

Our last hookup

Hpnotiq out of my ass

Is how we parted

Monday Phrase of the Week

Chicky Chicky Bok Bok

Chicky Chicky Bok Bok – a phrase to describe an intense state of hunger brought about my sex, booze, and assorted debauchery. K fucked me so much last night I am chicky chicky bok bok this morning. Does anybody have any waffles?

Happy Friday Haiku

Proud, over the bed

The flag of Puerto Rico

Spread out like my legs

Monday Phrase of the Week


Xfoliation – the practice of rubbing one’s face against the scruff of another man to ensure proper skin care. From twink to Golden Girl, a good skin regimen is vital. A technique I use is rubbing my face against the hairy scruff of another man to open the pores and my pants. I call this practice Xfoliation. It makes my complexion is as fresh as a autumn morning and is usually followed by a facial.