Happy Friday Haiku

I licked his asshole

On my knees in the kitchen

Marble countertops

Mr Cadbury, hot chocolate and hot chocolate

Photo by User:daveblack from 2004 national cha...

Photo by User:daveblack from 2004 national championship celebration, January 2005. Reggie is pictured here with his PAC-10 offensive player-of-the-year trophy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

George Cadbury was born on this date in Birmingham England in 1839. Mr. Cadbury invented what we affectionately call hot chocolate. Thanks to his valiant contribution to culinary history, we can have a warming beverage to spike when we watch football games, cruise outdoor areas for sex in cold months, or simply want to walk our dogs in winter and have a buzz at the same time. I recommend Woodford Reserve bourbon to accompany hot chocolate – the caramel notes on the bourbon add to the sweetness of hot chocolate while its gentle bite reminds one of being nibbled on – all in all a most excellent combination. My other favorite hot chocolate is NFL star Reggie Bush. I recommend Reggie to accompany me to bed. Happy spiking!

Monday Phrase of the Week


DTTBO – Dont Turn the Bitch Over – this acronym comes in handy when the liquor has been flowing and the Grindr rolling and we end up fucking someone we, shall we say, don’t know who the hell they are. After one has inserted one’s penis into another man’s ass, the time for formal introductions has passed. While we may lose our clothes, we should not lose our manners. Continue with the task at hand and remember, when you don’t who you’re fucking you can err on the side of caution and don’t turn the bitch over.

Happy Friday Haiku

You shot on my chin

Can I get a moist towelette?

Crowded bathroom stall

When tricks move to Florida……

English: Dark chocolate. Español: Chocolate negro.

English: Dark chocolate. Español: Chocolate negro. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Florida brings to mind two things – the Golden Girls and K, my fuck buddy who moved to the sunshine state. K was a dark chocolate, furry pubes, well hung grad student who studied anthropology. He was also my favorite type of man – intellectually curious and easily undressed. I suggested he and I conduct a field study on the mating rituals of contemporary gay men; we succeeded in unearthing many a pleasant evening. I still cannot walk by a shovel without thinking of K. His pubes were warm and pungent – a cross between a locker room and linens fresh out of the dryer. I licked him like a caramel apple – with nuts. He had one of those beautiful dicks that simply unfurled before your eyes. Each time I removed his boxers I felt like Caesar must have felt when Cleopatra rolled out of the rolled up carpet the first time they met. If Rembrandt had painted nude black men instead of clothed Dutch aristocrats, even he would not have done justice to K’s piece.  It was caramel; it was salt; it was earthy; it was oxygen.

After sucking on a big black cock, I find a sea salt caramel the perfect post-coital snack. It unites all the flavor’s of K and is sticky. Thank you for being a friend…..

The best sea salt caramnels are to be found at www.cellardoorchocolates.com. Enjoy!

Monday Phrase of the Week

big gulp

big gulp (Photo credit: Marisa | Food in Jars)

Big Drink

Big Drink – A phrase to describe when one has performed oral sex on an exceptionally large penis.  I took a big drink when I went down on Russ’s huge dick last week. Who’s thirsty?

Tolstoy’s birthday, smooth balls, and a woman named Anna

This has been a weekend for birthdays – Star Trek yesterday and today, Leo Tolstoy, who was born on this date in 1828. I love Russian literature as much as hung black men so today is a special date. Tolstoy captured not only the Russian spirit but the human spirit. His characters may have lived in the 19th century but their problems with money, men, religion, politics, and trying to find good help make them timeless.  G was a fellow fan of Russian culture. We discussed how modern the character of Anna Karenina was in attempting to balance personal happiness, motherhood, and furs. Tolstoy’s depiction of Napoleon’s epic retreat back to France, after the Russians burned Moscow to the ground before giving it to him, is vivid and heartbreaking. Fortunately, G’s retreat with me to the bedroom while quite fiery resulted in a much happier conclusion. I licked his furry chest and nipples before descending to his dick and quite significantly sized balls. They were almost perfectly round and reminded me of those specially crafted ice cubes one encounters in hip hotel bars. I was as entranced by his globes as Anna was with Count Vronsky. They were smooth and he quivered each time I nuzzled against them. He gladly returned the favor cementing an evening both intellectually and sexually stimulating.

The last passage of Anna Karenina is one I turn to often – the eloquence, like its author is truly timeless.

‘I shall still be as unable to understand with my reason why I pray, and I shall still go on praying; but my life now, my whole life apart from anything that can happen to me, every minute of it is no more meaningless, as it was before, but it has the positive meaning of goodness, which I have the power to put into it.’

To accompany large smooth balls or Russian literature, one simply has to have vodka. The initial jolt followed by the warm sensations as the liquid makes its way down the throat is Russia itself – mysterious, intimidating, and glorious

Cover of "Anna Karenina (Signet Classics)...

Cover of Anna Karenina (Signet Classics)