VJ Day and Nantaimori Sushi

Today is a significant day in history – VJ day –  when Japan surrendered and ended World War II. Pandemonium erupted as six long years of war finally came to an end and democracy had triumphed over dictatorship. Fortunately, the people of Japan put down their weapons and picked up their sushi knives and  invented  Nantaimori, or “body sushi,”  the practice of eating sashimi or sushi from the body of a naked man. They had me at naked man. If only Emperor Hirohito and his Prime Minister Tojo had indulged in Nantaimori instead of invading China but alas history is its own mistress. The training to become a practitioner of Nantaimori, like one of my fuck buddies, is rigorous. It includes being able to lie down for hours without moving and being able to withstand prolonged exposure to cold food. If you’re a bottom with an ice-cube fetish, this could be your calling. Before the ritual begins, the man splashes cold water on his body to cool it down for the sushi.  The cleansing ceremony. the preparation to receive, the offering up of one’s body for the pleasure of others – is the perfect fusion of form and function, food and sex. Let us remember all of those who sacrificed their lives making the world safe for liberty – and let’s get laid in the process. Is that a crisp nori or are you just glad to see me?