Happy Friday Haiku

Too cold to go far

The snow outside is falling

Grindr find me lust

Happy Friday Haiku

Muscular asses

Can you take it to the hole

Basketball season

Monday Phrase of the Week


Dicknotize – To cast a spell on the unsuspecting by the power and majesty of a beautiful dick. M’s piece has me so dicknotized, I skip lunch and eat him.

Happy Friday Haiku

A lunch time hookup

Is the best way to beat best stress

Wipe that off my chin

Happy Friday Haiku

During the orgy

I discreetly left the room

To watch Walking Dead

Happy Friday Haiku

Fuck this stupid rain

I’ll watch the game on tv

And have K blow me

Happy Friday Haiku

Uncut Latin Men

Like the falling autumn leaves

No two are alike

Monday Phrase of the Week


Threx – When one has achieved a thriving sex life, one is threx. Enough self-help books have been written to fill an endless number of libraries but nirvana is close at hand – simply attain threx followed by three shots of your favorite top shelf. Who’s got problems now bitch?

Happy Friday Haiku

Superman boxers

No telephone booth needed

Unleash man of steel

Monday Phrase of the Week


J’approachable – When someone is juicy and approachable, they are j’approachable. To the attractive somelier at my last wine tasting, you may have been math challenged but your pour was generous and your smile seductive. You were j’approachable. Top me off anyone?