Olympic Gymnasts & Showers with Asians

Watching gymnastics in the Olympics reminds me of the shower sex I had with an Asian IRS agent in my city’s major convention hotel. We met in the lobby near a bucolic aviary populated with yellow parakeets. We made small talk about the weather (his plane had been delayed in Chicago due to storms) as we ascended the glass elevators to his room. After we undressed, he led me into the shower. The initial burst of cold water jolted my nipples into action as if to say – wake up boys, there’s work to be done here. The cold was quickly replaced with a luxurious steam which enveloped the marble bathroom. I positioned myself behind him; his ass as smooth and tight as a ripe watermelon. Sex in the shower, like Olympic gymnastics, requires stamina, balance, and lube of the highest quality. I pushed downward with my feet to secure myself to the surface of the tub. I began with precision thrusting to maintain poise as the water ran down my backside and into my eyes. We soon fell into the rhythm of fucking and were successful in our mission of achieving steamy orgasms. Shower sex is a committment – once it has been begun in the shower, it must finish in the shower. There is no turning back, no drying off and moving to the bed. If our athletes can train for years for the chance to represent the US at the Olympics, I can successfully carry off anal sex with an Asian while standing up in a shower. In my own way, I like to think I keep that Olympic flame burning – not just every four years but in hotel bathrooms across America.

After sex in an upscale hotel shower, I like to ride my post-coital wave with a nice martini. For summer drinking, I prefer the cool and crispness of cucumber. Muddle several slices of cucumber in a cocktail shaker. Mix in one part gin, two parts white grape juice, and finish with a dash of fresh lime.  This martini must, of course, be made with Wet gin by Beefeater.



  1. Cajun Lover says:

    Gotta love the Galt House and the suite-side tower with its roomy showers.

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