Bastille Day Brunch

In addition to men, sex, and food one of my other great loves is history so let me enthusiastically wish a happy Bastille day to one an all! For those a little rusty on their history, the French Revolution began on this date in 1789. The people of Paris stormed the Bastille and basically all hell broke loose. How shall we honor the French as they commemorate the birth of their venerable Republic? I recommend an interracial sex brunch.  The storming of the Bastille unleashed  liberty, equality, and fraternity – let us unleash our pants and fraternize liberally as we are all the revolution’s children. My brunch menu consists of the delicious black dick of my Bastille day co-celebrant L and a bottle of champagne. The effervescence of the champagne pairs deliciously with the slight pungent notes of L’s balls. I like to think Lady Liberty is looking down and smiling upon us. Viva la France!

Bastille Day Brunch Menu

  1. Black dick
  2. Champagne

For the champagne, I recommend Saint-Hillaire – an affordable and refreshing bubbly that paris well with whatever you may be snacking on

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